Theme 2. Gamification

Games (serious games) and elements of gamification can be utilized in mental healthcare to provide indivual and modern interventions for the service users. Games can also invite for collaboration and create new ways to work within mental health field.

This section will:

  • invite you to take a quizz about gaming statistics
  • give short lectures about mainconcepts of gamification and gamification within mental health field
  • show intensive week participants ideas how to use gamification and games to support mental health care

Ready, steady… GO!

Take this quizz and find out what kind of “Master of gaming statistic” you are:




1. Main concepts of gamification (introduction ):

2. What do we already know about gamification in mental health field?

3. Gamification and collaboration within mental health field

We also tested some digital games (Depression quest, Mindful Powers, FLOW, ZEN Sand), Legos and paper games during the intensive week and thought how to use games and gamification to support mental health care. Here is the summary of participants´ideas (click the picture):

How to use games and gamification to support mental health care?