Anorexia Nervosa: HOMEPAGE


Welcome to this site. Few people, certainly within the developed world, will have not heard of Anorexia Nervosa. Ref It is a well-known mental health issue which has in the last thirty or forty years gained more attention in academia as well as within society in general. ref

Unfortunately, most people do not understand anorexia nervosa.ref They may think they do, which is understandable because they have been informed by urban stereotypes or what they have seen in the media however the reality of the who, what and how can be quite different from what is expected. Ref We would like to introduce you to some of the issues concerning anorexia nervosa in men,

Whilst we hope that the stereotype of it being a female only illness has been eradicated. Do not worry if you have never heard of men with anorexia nervosa or if you thought it was only gay men…… ref. Whilst knowledge of anorexia nervosa has increased it has mainly focused upon females, which given they make up the vast majority of reported cases is understandable. ref

We do not expect that a person working or studying within the mental health community can know everything about every illness, and we hope that you find following pages, interesting, informative and a good starting place for further investigation.

Please note, many people refer to anorexia nervosa as anorexia. This is technically not correct, for the lay person this may not matter, but in a professional environment it does. Anorexia, literally means “without appetite”, but the term also covers people unable to eat.ref  It is often a secondary effect of other situations such as someone recovering from cancer may have a loss of appetite due to their treatment etc ref. Anorexia Nervosa however, is a psychological condition which sees the sufferer self-starving and potentially using other methods to reduce body weight. ref