Output 1: e-Learning Material

Welcome to explore STRENCO eLearning material

STRENCO eLearning material focuses on co-production in mental health work from different perspectives.  All the material has been co-produced during the  project´s intensive weeks: three intensive weeks and all together five main themes.

Co-production was an iterative process including activities during the project´s international intensive weeks. Collaborative participants were students, academics, practitioners and service users from Belgium, England, Finland, Greece and Ireland.

Material can be used by teachers, bachelor students, practitioners, service users, carers, family members or other interested parties. It is open for everyone.

The first intensive week in University of Salford, England (May 2018):

The second intensive week in Vives, Belgium (May 2019):

  • Mental health promotion
  • Families and co-production

The third intensive week in TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland (May 2020):

  • Complexity of mental health care