STRENCO eLearning Hub

Welcome to the STRENCO eLearning Hub

The Hub contains a collection of resource material for people involved in mental health. The eLearning materials developed in the STRENCO Project, can be used by teachers, students, practitioners, service users, carers, family members or other interested parties, under a Creative Commons Agreement. They are provided on an open source basis. The materials focus on the concepts of co-production and gamification i.e. learning through games. They provide understanding the concept of co-production and how it applies to working in mental health.

Working in International Communities of Practice, involving students, academics, practitioners and service users from Belgium, England, Finland, Greece and Ireland, all the materials were co-produced for three Intensive Programmes, embracing five main themes.

The following eLearning materials are available:

Co-production and collaborative working in mental health

Understanding the concept of co-production

Co-production is an emerging and evolving concept in mental health, this presentation aims to provide some background information on its application to mental health.

Service user perspective on co-production

In this presentation, service user advocate Barry Hurley offers a perspective on co-production in mental health.

Collaborative mental health working

In this presentation , Evanthia Sakellari considers the aspects of collaborative practice in mental health.

Co-production and co-design in mental health research (Part 1)

Dr Simon Malfait from the University of Gent delivers a keynote presentation for STRENCO participants on co-production in mental health research. In this first part, he explores co-design as the starting point.

Co-production and co-design in mental health research (Part 2)

The second part of Dr Simon Malfait’s keynote presentation for STRENCO participants on co-production in mental health research. In this second part, he explores the nine points for action in co-design.

eMental Health and Gamification in mental health

The main concepts of gamification

This podcast introduces the main concepts of gamification.

Using games for mental health

This podcast explores how the concept of gamification can be applied to mental health.

Using games for collaboration

This podcast explores how we can use games to improve collaborative relationships in mental health.

Co-Produced Mental Health Promotion

Health promotion using co-production

This presentation looks at the application of co-production to mental health promotion. It provides information on the development of a novel teaching and learning strategy.

Games and mental health promotion

This podcast discusses how games can be used in mental health promotion.

Mental health promotion in the Maaklab

A case study on using gaming principles to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health promotion

Working with families in co-produced ways

Co-production and families

In this presentation, we explore how co-produced relationships with families can be accommodated within the recovery paradigm.

Games and families

This podcast explores how games can be used when working with families.