eMental Health and Gamification


In this resource section we explore how games, sometimes referred to as ‘serious games’ and elements of ‘gamification’ can be used in mental healthcare to provide individual and modern interventions for the service users. Games can also be useful for increasing engagement and collaboration, and create new ways to work within mental health field.  This section provides some eLearning materials developed during Year 1 of the STRENCO Project, where participants explored ways games can offer new ways of working in mental health.


The objectives in this section are to:

    • Explore your knowledge of gaming
    • Explain the main concepts of gamification and using games to support peoples’ mental health in short lectures
    • Demonstrate how gamification and games can support mental health care
    • Show through STRENCO intensive week participants experiences how to use games to support mental health


Ready, steady… GO!  As an introduction to the topic, we would like you to take a quiz and find out what kind of “Master of gaming statistics” you are:



This section comprises three presentations on the use of gaming in to support mental health, the first gives an overview of the concept, the second explores what we know about using games to support mental health and the third explores the way games can support collaborative relationships in mental health.

Main concepts of gamification (introduction )

What do we already know about gamification in mental health field?

Gamification and collaboration within mental health field


To expand your learning, you can explore some of the games students on the project tested:

Lego and paper games were also used during the intensive week.


It is worthwhile thinking how you might use games for mental health.  The graphic below, is a link to how STRENCO participants thought  games and gamification could be used to support mental health care (click to expand).

The video below shows some innovative ideas from the STRENCO participants ideas on how games can be used for positive mental health.

If you wish to explore how games can be applied to the area of mental health promotion, click here.