Pictures and reflection of the week

We collected reflections from all the intensive week participants every day. Here are some thoughts and ideas.

Participants thought that STRENCO and the Vives IP week means developing and understanding co-production for people who have mental health problems their families careers and professionals. The most important thing was working in collaboration with students, serviceusers, and professional clinicians. In IP weekparticipants created new ideas and developed materials for the future. Strenco means co-production and collaborative working.  It was meaningful to reflect your own style of working into other cultures and get new perspectives from colleagues around Europe. Main themes were gamification, mental health promotion, participation of families, holistic approach and supporting everyday life were also important. 


Participants felt that simulations were good way to learn teamwork and interactive communication. Participants liked the reflection after simulation. As it was important to learn not to leave anyone alone or behind. Participants felt that feedback was given in a positive way. Simulation cases were authentic, not only theoretical. 

Reflection was really important for me. I got support and time to figure out what happened and what I did during the simulation.  

No wrong answer only learning 

Backstories and scenarios were really well thought out and it was easy to get into character–> i kind of forgot that was actually acting. The feedback and discussion afterwards was deep and really helpful.  

If your attitude is respectful and sincere, the client´s reactions are normally much more positive, the discussion and co-operation will be easier and more fruitful.  


Gamification offered to participants the opportunity to reflect things in different perspectives. Gamification and serious game should be more utilize in mental health work. It was important how games and gamification can be seen in a new approach in performing tasks. Gamification has brought more fun and relaxation.  

The gamification aspect was fun, and had information about the positives of using online games.” 

Gaming was very positive experience and gave new information.” 

I really enjoyed the speed date technique used to try the different games out.” 

Maak lab: 

The Maak lab was a very innovative way to think and create something new. Design thinking offered possibilities to see things in different perspectives. In this approach, the importance of group is huge, and everyone had the opportunity to express their ideas without rejecting or condemning them. The ideas and outputs were productive. 

It was Fun and very interesting! It was Nice to work together and amazing ideas came up! 

The group work well and we get a lot of ideas. Conversations were good and people have many different points of views. I think that we were learning from each others during those conversations, and we also learn teamwork skills and methods to create things and ideas. 

It was a great experience. I didn’t think I was creative, but maybe I am? It really got everyone talking about health promotion and mental health and how we can help people going forward. 

First it was difficult, but when we go a log it was actually fun! 

I think Strenco is about developing competencies for mental health and learning the different ways in which we all work. We are all working collaboratively to create something new which can be used globally.