Topics of the week

Topics and material from the intensive week:

Main themes of the week were collaboration, co-production, gamificationhealth promotion and family participation in mental health care. 

All the topics are mentioned here, but part of the material is included in to our e-Learning material.

Day 1. 

Introductions to the coproduction and family participation in mental health case. Serviceusers’ introduction to coproduction and family participation in mental health care introduction. Presentations on each university in small groups and discussion about collaborative work in mental health care of the participating countries in the STRENCO Project. 

Day 2. 

Orientation lecture about simulations.

Simulations and workshops were conducted focusing on family participation and gamification in mental health. 


Day 3  

The topics of the day were health promotion and family participation in mental health field. We produced material in the Maak lab by co-production. Maak lab was based on design thinking and we used functional and innovative methods to develop new ideas to support mental health promotion.

The process was very creative, and we had a great opportunity to think things from different perspectives. 

Day 4 

Presentations of Maak-lab productions. Cultural activity in Bruges. 

Day 5 

The whole day was about competence assessment tool.  Co-production and developing ideas.

Days 6 

Study-day co-production 

Dr. Simon Malfait started the day with a brilliant lecture – Co-design as starting point:​ Intervention development and handling reluctance. 

The week ended up for brilliant presentations