STRENCO celebrates the 1st Intensive Programme at the University of Salford – 16th – 22nd May 2018

“This has been an amazing opportunity, we all came from different places but worked as a group and bonded as we learned together. We’ve come up with some brilliant ideas and I’m sad the week is over!”

The first STRENCO Intensive Programme took place at the University of Salford between 16th May 2018 – 22nd May 2018.  Students and teachers participated as part of a three-year Erasmus+ project, designed to strengthen knowledge and working practices across mental health professions in an international collaboration with academics, students, service users and professionals. The STRENCO partnership comprises representatives from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland; Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), Finland; Vives University (Zuid), Belgium; the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (T.E.I. of Athens), Greece and Trinity College, Dublin who worked on the development of e-learning materials, competencies for co-production and a tripartite model which will hopefully inform future practice.

The Intensive Programme concluded on the final day with a “mental health marketplace” where  representatives from the six countries presented materials developed over the course of the programme illustrating collaboration, co-production and gamified approaches to mental health care.

STRENCO Salford IP Photo Gallery

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