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All the materials were co-produced within International Communities of Practice (involving students, academics, practitioners and service users from Belgium, England, Finland, Greece and Ireland) and they include five main themes:

Part of the materials are translated also in other languages (Dutch, Greek and Finnish). You can find example these eLearning materials and much more under the main themes:

Co-production and collaborative working in mental health

Understanding the concept of co-production

Co-production is an emerging and evolving concept in mental health, this presentation aims to provide some background information on its application to mental health.

Service user perspective on co-production

In this presentation, service user advocate Barry Hurley offers a perspective on co-production in mental health.

Collaborative mental health working

In this presentation , Evanthia Sakellari considers the aspects of collaborative practice in mental health.

Co-production and co-design in mental health research (Part 1)

Dr Simon Malfait from the University of Gent delivers a keynote presentation for STRENCO participants on co-production in mental health research. In this first part, he explores co-design as the starting point.

Co-production and co-design in mental health research (Part 2)

The second part of Dr Simon Malfait’s keynote presentation for STRENCO participants on co-production in mental health research. In this second part, he explores the nine points for action in co-design.

Co-Produced Mental Health Promotion

Health promotion using co-production

This presentation looks at the application of co-production to mental health promotion. It provides information on the development of a novel teaching and learning strategy.

Games and mental health promotion

This podcast discusses how games can be used in mental health promotion.

Mental health promotion in the Maaklab

A case study on using gaming principles to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health promotion

Working with families in co-produced ways

Co-production and families

In this presentation, we explore how co-produced relationships with families can be accommodated within the recovery paradigm.

Working with complex mental health care in co-produced ways

Complex mental health care: Anorexia Nervosa

An interactive work package on complex mental health care in Anorexia Nervosa.

Working collaboratively with people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

A co-produced package on the complexities of working with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Stigma and growing through self-help

An interactive work package that explores the dimensions of self-help and how it can aid in the complex pathway to recovery,

Carolien: A Competency-based case study

Exploring the competencies used in complex care in a case study simulation.