Coproduced Mental Health Promotion

This resource page will:

  • Orientate you to the mental health promotion
  • Provide you with a case-example for learning how to do co-produced mental health promotion: Maaklab – co-producing material for mental health promotion
  • Allow you to reflect on how to use games to support mental health promotion

Co-produced mental health promotion

According the WHO there is no health without mental health. That statement highlights the importance of mental health promotion and that is why it was also one important topic in STRENCO -project. – Click on the presentation below to  learn more about ‘Understanding Co-produced mental health promotion’.

Co-produced mental health promotion




Co-producing material for mental health promotion

What happens when you ask a team of engineers to increase healthcare
students’ knowledge of mental health promotion? And then ask them to do
it, using the principles of co-production in mental health? – Click on the picture below to  learn more about the case ‘Mental health promotion in the Maaklab’.